Sheet Metal

If you want it done right, our motto is do it yourself! When installing or repairing a metal roof, some companies contract metal work out to third parties. But at Empire Roofing, we fabricate our own metal, on site, in our own metal shop, with our own sheet metal fabrication equipment. Our own, highly trained sheet metal workers, customize your metal work and install it, for a perfect fit every time. The end result? A properly installed metal roof that saves you thousands of dollars over the years.

Sheet Metal Fabrication
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ES-1 Metal 

The ES-1 standard helps protect the public from flying metal debris and building owner's investment by reducing the risk of edge failure, which typically results in the failure of the overall roofing system.

ES-1 Standard
Hurricane Harvey Es-1
  • The "ANSI/SPRI ES-1 Wind Design Standard for Edge Systems Used with Low Slope Roof Systems" is more commonly referred to as "ES-1".

  • It is the first roof edge standard developed to aid architects, specifiers, and other roofing professionals in designing and installing a quality, safe metal roof edge system. 

  • The ES-1 standard was developed after hurricane Hugo in 1989 and has continued to evolve as more is learned from the devastation from subsequent storms.

  • The purpose of ES-1 is to improve the longevity and safety of low-slope commercial roofs by incorporating quality edge metal systems, including fascia and coping.

Empire Roofing & ES-1

Empire Roofing Co. is an NRCA-authorized fabricator. Being designated an NRCA authorized fabricator is subject to an annually-renewable agreement between NRCA and the authorized fabricator, and periodic inspections - referred to as “follow-up service”- of the authorized fabricator’s sheet metal fabrication shop. These periodic follow-up service inspections are conducted by UL and are intended to assure the authorized fabricator’s continuing capability to produce edge metal flashings according to NRCA’s UL certification.

UL Certification Listing: TGJZ.R2706 - Roof-Edge Systems, Metal, For Use with Low-Slope Roofing Systems

Referenced Standard: ANSI/SPRI/FM 4435 ES-1