Roof Elements

There are many components when it comes to industrial roofing. The ones you need to know include, deck, insulation, membranes, penetrations and flashing.


Common deck types

Steel Deck Roofing


Roofing Elements


Light Weight Concrete Deck

light weight insulating concrete

common types of insulation

Isocyanurate Insulation

Isocyanurate (ISO)

Great R value.

Rigid, Good base for roof system

Fiber Board Insulation

Fiber Board/ Cover board

Durable, often used as a cover board for Single Ply systems to provide impact protection for insulation.

Perlite Insulation


Often used in tapered systems to provide slope.


Basic Definition: A component that completely penetrates the roof membrane. For example curbs (HVAC, Skylights, expansion joints, etc.), vents, electrical conduits, antennae/ communications equipment, drains, & expansion joints.

Roof flashings

Basic Definition: A vertical component at a membrane termination that transfers water back onto the surface of the membrane  or to drainage.

Pitch pan penetration flashing

penetration flashing

(Pitch pan)

Counter flashing and Base Flashing

counter flashing (cap flashing)

& Base flashing