On October 11th of 2018, Empire’s own production superintendent was awarded the RCAT foundation of excellence award, an award that recognizes and honors individuals who have served the roofing industry and have shown many years of dedication.

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“Gabriel Esquivel has been my friend for approximately 36 years. When I first met him, he was a teenager working for Ronnie McGlothlin at a fledgling Empire Roofing. Gabriel was learning American history at the time, and on the jobsite he would often hand me one of his lessons and ask me to quiz him as he worked on a component of the roof system. He was always eager to learn, friendly, and engaging; a hard person not to like, a lot. Over the years Gabriel has demonstrated his technical and organizational expertise while overseeing multiple projects, ensuring they were properly manned, supplied, and equipped. The astounding success of Empire Roofing has been due, in no small part, to Gabriel’s skills and dedication to the high standards established by Empire’s founders, Ronnie and Sandra McGlothlin. Perhaps the underpinning for all things that have led to his success, and that have made Gabriel Esquivel the person that he is, is his abiding Christian faith; which he exhibits in word and deed every day. I am privileged to call Gabriel Esquivel my friend; and see nothing but success for him in the future.”
— Rodger Brownlee (Senior Estimator)
“If there is anyone at Empire that deserves this award, it is Gabriel. He has demonstrated the excellence in our production that has been the motto of Empire Roofing - “The Roofing Company by Which All Others Are Measured. His patience and strong leadership skills have made my job as The VP Estimator of Empire the best place to work in the roofing industry. Everything that Empire has ever stood for from its purpose to its family of employees is empowered by the excellence he has brought to the table of our roofing knowledge and business expertise.”

— Terry Collett (Vice President of Estimating)