Budgeting Basics

A Guide to Roof Budgeting Services

People often approach roof budgeting with simple guesswork: start with last year’s expenses and add 10%-15%. But this omits valuable information that helps establish a realistic budget. It helps to ask yourself the following questions about your property:

  1. Exactly what type of roof is on your property?

  2. Will more repairs increasingly be needed, and if so, how quickly?

  3. Are certain areas of the roof experiencing more problems than others?

  4. Were previously repaired leaks located in the filed or at the flashings?

  5. Can I protect myself from roofing trouble in the future?

  6. How many years can we expect the property’s roof to last?

  7. Should I budget for emergency repairs, and if so, how much?

  8. Should I budget for preventative maintenance, and if so, how much?

  9. Should I budget for roof replacement, if necessary?

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Evaluation Process

Empire Roofing will assist you with a thorough and detailed evaluation of each of your properties. Your custom, comprehensive evaluation will include the following:

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  1. Photos of the roof, including close-ups of all problem areas.

  2. A detailed report of the conditions of the field and flashing areas of the roof.

  3. Estimate, in years, of the roof’s remaining serviceable life.

  4. Exact figures for:

    1. Anticipated yearly maintenance.

    2. Preventative roof maintenance items, if needed, and their effect on lengthening your current roof’s serviceable life.

    3. Roof replacement options and costs, if necessary.

Obviously, no budget is exact, but Empire Roofing can help minimize the risks associated with uninformed budgeting decisions. Over 35 years in the roofing business has honed our skills and allowed us to help our clients feel more secure in their preparation and submission of roofing budgets. Let our expertise in this area be of assistance to you. Contact us today at 1-800-797-5232 to find a location near you and speak to any one of our highly trained staff. We look forward to serving you!