Tenant Relations

Empire knows that if the tenants are happy, our customers are happy, which makes us happy! So, what is the most cost-effective way to have a well-rounded tenant relations program?

Visit your tenants. A face-to-face discussion will always yield more information than a simple email or text. Make sure to write down key points or requests they've made. Visit on the anniversary of their move-in and bring a gift (flowers, pastries, etc.) to show that they are not just another occupied space.

Motivate your staff. They are the people handling day-to-day interactions with the tenant. Motivate them with quarterly contests and small prizes. How quickly a light bulb is changed or a phone call is answered shows the tenant how motivated your staff is. 

Involve your vendors. Your vendors are part of your team and should be introduced as such. Show your tenants all the talented and skilled individuals that make their day-to-day possible. Lunch and Learns are a good way for your tenant to see what goes into it. Just ask your vendors!

Show your tenant that you are invested. Bring conveniences to them (flu shots, blood drives, book fairs, etc.), host a signature event or put together a monthly newsletter that shows what's happening in the building that month. 

At the end of the day, tenants just want a clean, safe and comfortable space to come to every day. They want accuracy and someone to answer their questions. Be the friendly face they want to see in the management office and make yourself available to help them come to a solution!


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