Service Department

Service Department

At Empire Roofing, our Service Department wants you to have the best possible experience as a valued customer. To achieve this, they are focused on providing personalized support and quality workmanship in everything they do. The team handles everything from answering phone calls to coordinating work with other contractors or manufacturers. They are an essential part of the company and critical when it comes to maximizing the life and preserving the value of your roof!

Services We Offer

·        Replacements & Re-Cover

·        Roof Repairs & Maintenance

·        Roof Due Diligence & Inspections

·        Metal Roofing/Metal Shop

·        Special Services

o   Coatings

o   Skylights

o   Mechanical and other Penetrations

o   24/7 Emergency Leak Repair

o   Extended Roof Maintenance Agreements

o   Roofing 101 – Educate your Building Engineers & Property Managers


Service Requests

               The Empire Service Team reviews all jobs and ensures that repairs are completed in a prompt and efficient manner. From the moment a leak repair request is made, or a preventative maintenance job is started, our skilled team is on the case!

               For a typical leak request, a Property Manager would place a call to Service and notify them of the issue. The team then creates an account in our system where they store contact information, documents that are unique to that company, or any other important information provided. A work order is then made and scheduled to be repaired within the next 48 hours.

Onsite, the roofing crew makes repairs and documents them on their phones. As they do this, the Service Department is receiving this information real-time at the office! As the data comes in, the team inspects all repairs made and confirms that all leaks have been addressed.  Within 24 hours of repairs being completed, you will receive your invoice along with a full report of repairs made, before and after photos included. Looking through the report, it’s no question that it was perfected by Empire’s very own!