Here is how it works: When a tenant calls to report a roof leak, simply select a location above and fill out the form on the next screen with a brief description of the roof leak.  Immediately upon receiving your E-Leak form, we call your tenant to schedule the repair for a convenient time for the tenant.  In turn, we will e-mail you with a schedule.

During the scheduled repair, we document the cause of the problem and the repairs we perform.  By request, we can also check for potential problem areas that could become future leaks.  All this information is put into a client report with a roof drawing depicting the location of the repaired leaks, how we repaired them, and any other potential problem spots.  This information is valuable for record keeping and for knowing how much to budget for roof repairs.  Preventing leaks is much easier and less expensive than repairing them once they happen.

Empire Roofing’s E-Leak makes your tenants happy because they know you have promptly responded to their needs.  E-Leak makes you happy because you can stop worrying about the leak and get back to work. You both get peace of mind.

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